How to Build a Low Cost Plus Size Maternity Wardrobe

How to Build a Low Cost Plus Size Maternity Wardrobe

Building a low cost plus size maternity wardrobe is a great idea. Why spend a lot of money building a big maternity wardrobe that you will only wear for about six months? Instead, you can construct a basic wardrobe of essentials combining maternity and non-maternity clothes at a price that is less than a wardrobe built entirely of maternity clothes.

Here how: You can supplement your basic discount maternity wardrobe with larger-sized, non-maternity, loosely-styled tops and bottoms for your more casual needs. For example, a few pairs of sweatpants or yoga pants combined with some larger t-shirts and sweaters, all 2-3 sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy size, might be all you need for at-home casual wear during the winter.

Low cost doesn’t have to mean boring. You can always supplement your basic maternity wardrobe with stylish selections for work or special events. Good quality, reasonably-priced plus size maternity clothes are available at Motherhood Maternity and PinkBlush Maternity. For extra savings be sure and look for sales and special offers like the free shipping at PinkBlush Maternity.

Where to Shop for a Low Cost Plus Size Maternity Wardrobe

Kohl's contract hem tunic - low cost plus size maternity wardrobe
Kohl’s Contrast Hem Tunic

Kohl’s – This retailer offers many styles and choices of on-trend plus size maternity separates as well as dresses and lingerie to size 3X. Their Oh Baby line by Motherhood Maternity has the style and quality of Motherhood Maternity with the added benefits of the great Kohl’s sales including both sale prices and cash rewards.

Gap and Old Navy – Both retailers offer online maternity to size XXL (Size 18-20). Great places to find low prices on tees, jeans, pants and dresses.

JCPenney – Their maternity prices are very good PLUS they have frequent sales such as 30% off. They have a big selection of tops, pants, dresses, nursing bras and lingerie up to size 3X. Some of our editors’ favorites include the: a.n.a Long Sleeve V Neck T-Shirt and the ¾ Sleeve Empire Waist Dress.

Burlington striped top - low cost plus size maternity wardrobe
Burlington Striped Maternity Top

Burlington Coat Factory – If you can wear a size 18 or 20, this retailer is a gold mine for building a maternity wardrobe. They have lots of stylish tees, jeans, pants, tops, bras and camis at rock bottom prices.

Wal-Mart – This retailer has great discount prices on a wide variety of plus size maternity separates, sleepwear, camisoles, panties and nursing bras to size 3X. Great source for inexpensive career pants.

Bottomline: You don’t have to spend a fortune to build a low cost plus size maternity wardrobe. By combining discount plus size maternity clothes with some casual non-maternity clothes and some more expensive maternity styles for special occasions, you CAN have an awesome wardrobe during your pregnancy.

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