Healthy Plus Size Pregnancy: 8 Key Things to Know

Healthy Plus Size Pregnancy: 8 Key Things to Know

A healthy plus size pregnancy requires lots of info and action. Our GrandStyle editors have compiled tips and info from the leading sources of knowledge on plus size pregnancy. These well-informed sources have the great combination of many years of experience providing accurate medical info PLUS an understanding of the unique emotional demands of a plus size pregnancy and birth.

What to Do for a Healthy Plus Size Pregnancy

Check out these links to GrandStyle articles that introduce you to these helpful information sources:


Dieting and Pregnancy. Easy-to-understand pros and cons of dieting while pregnant and of losing weight before and after pregnancy.


Handling Nausea in Pregnancy. A variety of tips to help plus size moms-to-be minimize nausea.


Challenges of Breastfeeding with Larger Breasts. A recap of the key issues of breastfeeding with larger breasts and practical solutions to improve your nursing.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes and Breastfeeding: A Special Relationship. A recap of the issues, benefits, problems, challenges and solutions for breastfeeding by diabetic women.

Cesarean Birth

Lowering the Cesarean Rate of Plus Size Women. Doctors assume that weight always causes problems in vaginal births. This is simply not true. Educate yourself and, in turn, educate your doctor. There are also many things you can do to minimize the chances that your doctor will want you to consider a cesarean.

C-Section: Key Things You Need to Know. Summaries of the research on cesareans for big moms, actual birth stories, sample birth plans and links to information from many of the experts in plus size cesareans and vaginal births after cesareans (VBACs).

Hospital Equipment and Supplies

Pregnancy Equipment Concerns. Plus size moms-to-be have specialized care needs such as large blood pressure cuffs, large gowns and fetal monitors. Learn what you are going to need and discuss those needs with your doctor and your hospital.

Plus Size Birth Hints

Top 10 Hints for a Better Plus Size Birth. Important things to concentrate on during pregnancy – particularly if you are a plus size mom-to-be.

Check out the many articles that GrandStyle has available on plus size pregnancy and maternity options.

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