How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier for a Big Mom or Dad

How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier for a Big Mom or Dad

There is no doubt about it – selecting the best baby carrier for a big mom or dad takes a lot of research. But, the carrier will make it much easier to get around with your new baby. Babies love to be held and carried. They also need to be held in order to feel the closeness and stimulation of being held and carried. A carrier lets you carry the baby close, while leaving your hands free. But, if you choose the wrong carrier it can be a real problem.

When selecting a baby carrier you need to consider the size of the baby as well as the size of the person who will be wearing the carrier. An ill-fitting carrier can be very uncomfortable for the wearer and unsafe for the baby. So, be sure to “test-carry” your carrier before you make your final decision.

Choosing the Best Baby Carrier for a Big Mom or Dad

Parent have a lot of choices for baby carriers. Choices include front-facing carriers, fabric slings, backpacks and hip carriers.

  • Front-facing Carriers – These are the most popular style of baby carriers. Straps go over the shoulder and hold a pouch in which the baby sits either facing forward or backward.
  • Fabric Slings – These long pieces of fabric can be configured to securely hold a baby. Because they can be customized to the wearer, they are very size-friendly.
  • Backpacks – These carriers are like front-facing carriers but are worn on the back. They tend to be difficult to put on; but, once on, they are sturdy for older babies and toddlers.
  • Hip Carriers – These are typically used for older babies or toddlers. They have straps to help distribute the child’s weight.

Unfortunately, many carriers are not size-friendly. They are either too small for the person wearing the carrier or they are very uncomfortable to wear. To find the best carrier for a big mom or dad, be sure and do your research before the baby comes as you build your basic maternity wardrobe.

Kmom, the very knowledgeable online advocate for plus size moms, has compiled information on all types of baby carriers including slings, front-pack carriers and hip-carriers. Click here for KMom’s Info on selecting a baby carrier for a big mom and dad.

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