Are You a Size-Friendly Midwife?

Are You a Size-Friendly Midwife?

Do you have what it takes to be a size-friendly midwife? Plus size pregnant women face more physical and emotional challenges than smaller women. Doctors have been known to recommend abortions instead of taking the pregnancy to term. Even the hospital equipment is not designed for larger bodies. It is important that the woman’s midwife is aware of these challenges and is committed to doing what is necessary to enhance the birth experience of the plus size woman.

Requirements for a Size-Friendly Midwife

KMom, the online advocate for plus size moms, published her thoughts on the rules of the road for being a midwife for plus size women in Midwifery Today. Click here for a reprint of KMom’s article “Are You a Size-Friendly Midwife?”.

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